Wet-Strength Resins

Aquaseal™, Hydratite™, and other HarperLove branded wet-strength resin products are used to improve the moisture-resistance of boxes in moist environments, such as high-humidity or tropical climates or refrigerated trucks. Most are available in varying concentration levels for differing needs.

Liquid Performance Products

Performance boosters or enhancers such as LSP™, WRM II, and LiquiBond® Blue are used primarily to enhance the bond, allowing corrugators to run at higher speeds while reducing waste.

Combination Products

Two-in-one products such as Aquaseal™ Plus and Multibond™ improve corrugator performance and increase wet strength in a single additive.

Borax Replacement Liquids

LiquiBor™ and HydroBor™ are borax replacement liquids, providing all the performance benefits of traditional borax while completely eliminating the health and safety risks of employee exposure to airborne borax dust. NoBor™ enables corrugated manufacturers to produce a traditional starch adhesive without the use of boron.

Specialty Carriers

Many of our customers require products to address specific situations. Safety Mix™ eliminates the need for caustic soda. Concentrate DB™ requires no heat to cook the starch adhesive and only requires the water to be heated to operating temperature. Our specialty carriers are often used in high-value packaging, such as electronics, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals.

One-Bag-Mix Products

Our one-bag-mix products, including OBM-B™, are formulated to meet the needs of plants making their own adhesives without automated starch kitchens. HarperLove products give the assurance of a correct, consistent formulation every time and allow the convenience of small-batch production.

Ancillary and Custom Products

These specialty products help our customers address specific situations or challenges common in today’s production. Our custom products include defoamers to eliminate foaming and aeration; bacteria killers to lengthen the life of your adhesive (JT-1™ and JT-20™); products to sequester calcium to keep it from adhering to your rolls (Calciban™); penetrants to improve bonding of water-resistant papers (XM-5™); cleaners (Calci-Kleen™); and many more.